Emi's Closet

A collection of unique items found on the road and in my closet! My Merch items and my Art! Every Dollar you spend helps me write songs and Tour. You are my label and my support! 

About Emi's Boutique

We are now creating custom pieces of art, embellishing our Ukuleles and Jackets, designing our own merch and adding in collectibles and finds along our journey! Specials pop up often so check back frequently! 

I just love EmiSunshine Christmas Boxes! I can't wait each year to see what she has made just for me!

Stephanie Buttrey
Loyal Fan

About Us



It’s nearly impossible to explain the exceptional talents of EmiSunshine, now an 18 year old High School Senior she along with her Co-Writer and Mother Alisha Hamilton have begun to create art and unique textiles that speak of their Appalachian roots and that also carry the lyrics they write forward to the beautiful designs they create! A child prodigy she hails from East Tennessee and has captured the nation’s attention and enchanted hearts-a-many with her musical wizardry.

Born Emilie Sunshine Hamilton, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been surrounded by family members who possess a genuine love for “salt-of-the-earth,” mountain melodies and lyrics. Emi embraced the classic country, blues and folk music that echoed throughout her Madisonville, TN home.